What You Need To Know About Automotive Recycling

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More than 80% of all motor vehicles can be recycled. ✨ Transmissions ✨✨ Engine/Motor Blocks ✨✨ Batteries ✨✨ Wheels ✨✨ Brake Rotors ✨✨ Wire Harnesses ✨✨ Catalytic Converters ✨ AND MORE! We are ALWAYS accepting automotive scrap and we have the most competitive prices for recycling in Las Vegas and Henderson. If you are looking… Read more »

What Can I Recycle?

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Trust Nevada Recycling above all to be your #1 facility to bring your recyclable materials. We accept materials from walk-in customers, businesses and commercial customers. For instance, here are some ideas for what materials we accept and pay cash for: Aluminum Aluminum scrap Aluminum cans Aluminum wheels Brass Red/Yellow Brass Household Hardwares Brass Shells Copper… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Recycling Metal

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Taking time to recycle your metal scrap properly can not only can make a difference in the production rate of new materials for goods, but also can help you earn some side cash for doing some good. Recycling ferrous metals has many financial and environmental benefits. It diverts them from landfill, reduces the need to… Read more »

Facts About Recycling: Insulated Wires

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When you or your business recycles wires, you lessen the quantity of new material required for manufacturing and also the amount of copper dumped into landfills is reduced drastically.  Most wires are covered in insulation. These wires can’t be processed directly until that insulation is removed. See below for a before and after example. Some… Read more »

Need spare change? Give recycling a try!

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Recycling materials saves energy, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution and reduces the volume of discards that are thrown into our landfills. It can also be a great source to receive a little spare change. We pay our residential walk-in customers cash! Check out the full list of acceptable materials to bring in and we will… Read more »

All You Need To Know About Recycling Aluminum

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Did you know? Aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials. Discarded aluminum is one of the most valuable items in the recycling bin! Fun, but unfortunate fact: Americans throw away more than $700 million worth of aluminum cans every year. Even though aluminum is the most  recyclable materials of all, aluminum cans still make it to the landfill. See above examples of aluminum materials we accept at Nevada… Read more »

Nevada Recycling Offers Special Prices on Recyclables for Hospitality Workers

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We are here to serve the local community. Due to recent critical times, we know this has lead to several lay-offs of employees working in the hospitality field. For hospitality workers that have been recently laid off, we are offering SPECIAL PRICES when you bring in your recyclables to us. To receive this special: Please… Read more »